Crown Lengthening/  Gum Contouring

A lot of people with “gummy” smiles assume their unbalanced smile is permanent. Dentists can whiten, cover-up, or replace teeth but the shape of one’s gums seems a little more immutable. Fortunately, here at Great Smiles, our dentist, Dr. Rana Nassar is always eager to master the techniques that her patients require. This is why we offer both crown lengthening and gum contouring. These two procedures can quickly and easily give patients with “gummy” smiles the beautiful, full smiles they’ve always dreamed of. There are other reasons crown lengthening/gum contouring is necessary as detailed further below.

In contrast, low gums can make your teeth appear much smaller than they actually are. However, people with “gummy smiles” don’t actually have small teeth — their gums are just extending down too far. Low gums typically stem from genetics though certain drugs and health disorders can also cause a gummy smile.


Crown lengthening is a versatile and common procedure that has many effective uses and benefits. The vast majority of patients who have undergone this type of surgery are highly delighted with the results.

Here are some of the most common reasons for crown lengthening:

  • Restoration of damaged teeth 

  • Cosmetic uses 

  • Dental crown

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