Dental Fillings

Thanks to new technology and advances in adhesive dentistry, patients have better options. Natural-looking, tooth-colored fillings called resin composite provide an aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional, silver-colored, amalgam ones. These new resin fillings offer more than cosmetic advantages. They are also metal and mercury-free, making them perfect for patients with metal sensitivities, allergies, or health concerns. These restorations are both natural-looking and safe. They are also stronger and healthier for your teeth and gums. Due to the durability of resin composites, they are also available with minimal lost tooth structure

  • Visual exam: If your teeth are discolored or have obvious problems, our dentist may be able to find cavities simply by looking at your teeth. But if further inspection is needed, a metal tool called an explorer may be used. An explorer will expose decaying enamel by sticking in it.

  • Decay dye: Once rinsed over your teeth, the dye will adhere to decayed tooth surfaces and stay away from non-decayed areas.

  • X-rays: X-rays are a popular way of detecting decay and may help our dentist see cavities that can’t be observed through other methods.

A dental filling may last many years, but you should stay on the lookout for signs that the filling has deteriorated. Call our office if you notice any of these symptoms:

  • Cracks or chips appear

  • Tooth sensitivity

  • Pain when you bite down

  • The filling falls out

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