Oral Cancer Screening & Cleanings

At Great Smiles Dentist, Dr. Rana Nassar Fakhruddin can find oral cancer before it becomes severe. We examine the tissue in your mouth and use OralID™ to help find any early presence of oral cancer. Oral cancer includes

  • Cancer of the lips 

  • Tongue

  • Floor of the mouth 

  • Cheeks 

  • Throat 

  • Sinuses 

  • Hard or Soft palate 

Most cases of oral cancer are not found until they have progressed into a serious stage. This becomes more difficult to treat. Our office is dedicated to assisting you to detect and treat oral cancer and other abnormalities during the early stages. During a routine dental cleaning and exam, we perform an oral cancer screening to check for signs of oral cancer.

  • Sores that bleed very easily

  • Sores that do not heal in the mouth

  • A hard, crusty area in the mouth

  • A rough area in the mouth

  • Numbness

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms call our office immediately. 

For more information about dental oral cancer or to schedule an appointment, fill out an appointment form or contact us today at (972) 442-6879

  • Pain

  • Tenderness

  • A sudden difference in the way your teeth fit together when you bit down on something

  • Problems or concerns chewing, swallowing, moving your tongue, moving your jaw, speaking

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