Root Canal Treatments
What is Root Canal?

A root canal is performed to remove decayed or infected tissue from the inner part of an affected tooth. While the blood vessels and nerves inside of a tooth are important, your tooth can function normally with these parts removed. This procedure is a defense against needed a tooth extraction which will leave a space where the tooth once was.

A root canal removes the dead pulp in order to:
  • Eliminate disease or decay

  • Prevent future infections

  • Save a tooth

If the pulp of your tooth has become diseased, you may:
  • Tooth pain

  • Feel prolonged or increased sensitivity to heat or cold or pressure

  • See a discoloration or a large cavity

  • Experience a foul taste in your mouth, even after brushing

  • Notice pus that drains into your mouth

  • Experience swollen or tender lymph nodes

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